I've always been attracted to women.
  1. I always understood when I had crushes on guys...
  2. But I genuinely didn't know when I was attracted to women because our societal default is heterosexuality.
  3. I was super attached to a girl named Stevie in headstart
    My grandma caught me and her touching each other innocently under the table one day and scolded us. I didn't know what we had done wrong.
  4. When I was in 2nd grade, I was smitten with an 8th grader, Kelly
    I'd have dreams about her and watch her during our afterschool program.
  5. I remember watching Angela & Vanessa's reality show because I had a really weird obsession with their cousin, Jessica
    Odd, I know
  6. I also became obsessed with a German YouTube series call Forbidden Liebe. There was this fashion designer named Marlene who fell in love with her brother's fiancé. It was a mess
  7. There was this girl one class under me in highschool
    She was friends with some of my friends and she would always touch me and make comments about my body and it made me uncomfortable, but I was secretly into it.
  8. A fellow intern from a different university during my DR trip
    I steered clear of her most of the summer because my hands and voice would start to tremble when I was around her.
  9. The personal realizations I'm experiencing man...
    It's so easy to lie to yourself, isn't it?