1. The Internet is collectively going crazy about the new video. Rightfully so.
  2. But Black women, Black children, Black PEOPLE - we have even more reason to go crazy.
  3. Beyoncé told us that our hair being nappy is amazing.
  4. She told us that our NEGRO noses are perfect.
  5. She told us that if he fucks her good she might take him to Red Lobster.
  6. She even told us Black American culture (a culture often connoted with having no true roots or value) is valid.
  7. She told us that we could be Black Bill Gates.
  8. She also told the police to stop shooting us.
  9. She sunk with a New Orleans police car implying that the heinous crime done to Black ppl under Bush could've been all of us. And that we must get in line and sacrifice ourselves to get free.
    So let's just get in formation.
  11. We slay.