To be transparent, I'm not a Hillary supporter.
  1. I've seen a lot of Bernie Bros berating Black ppl with the line, "Bernie was chained to a Black woman during the civil rights movement."
  2. But Bernie being part of that movement doesn't make us obligated to vote for him.
  3. But I too, was confused about Black ppl and our loyalty to a machine that has us in prison at alarming rates, etc...
  4. Hillary's run a better campaign to Black voters, but there are also other reasons...
  5. My uneducated, but wise grandmother associates Hillary with Bill. And you know Black ppl love Bill. It's about the culture.
  6. My educated aunt thinks she's hard, no nonsense and experienced enough to get things done. She also likes that she embraces Barack's legacy.
  7. My educated mother likes her because she said she's had enough of old white men. She said at least she knows about being a woman. She also thinks that although his platform is better, he hasn't got much done in a long career.
  8. The old black guy at the laundromat thinks that she will be ruthless with her foreign policy and that's what we need to stop Isis.
  9. And in general, Black ppl don't trust politicians. At all. With good reason.
  10. Stop calling us dumb. Stop saying we're voting against our interests. Not one candidate has shown themselves to REALLY have our backs. And even if they did, we know how shit changes in office.
  11. Hillary's superpredator comment, her condescending Whipping & nae nae'ing and ambivalent reactions to BLM activists aside...many Black ppl don't think we have many other options.
  12. And we don't.