1. "Damn, I'm so proud of her this shit really took her forever."
    My friend crossed AKA.
  2. "Holy shit I hear Romeo Santos."
    There was a Latino side of the bar. I walked over and danced bachata with a 40 year old man.
  3. "Wow, these hoes are so drunk."
    We walked into VIP and everybody was just dead. Shit wasn't cute. And niggas was still tryna feed bitches Absolut.
  4. "Did you watch my snap yet?"
  5. "Why don't you watch my snaps?"
  6. "I've got a 3 hour Amtrak ride and and a 2 hr wait for my 30 minute Metra ride in 2 hours."
  7. "Fuck me up."
  8. "Nigga, get your dick off of me."
  10. "Ew, someone from my school."
  11. "Black people so lit and eclectic and shit."
    As I watched everyone in the club dab, Milly Rock, etc.
  12. "I'm gonna make a move next time I see you."
  13. "Holy fuck Jose Cuervo is nasty. Fuck."
  14. "Definitely gonna make a move."
  15. "If we got married that shit would be so cute."