Just cause I love Toni and this has been in my drafts for a minute...
  1. "Born lost. Take over the world and still lost." (Paradise)
  2. "Two pennies and an insult were well spent if it meant seeing the spectacle of whitefolks making a spectacle of themselves." (Beloved)
  3. "There is no bad luck in the world but whitefolks." (Beloved)
  4. "They would come with languages that sounded like dog bark; with childish hunger for animal fur. They would forever fence land, ship whole trees to faraway countries, take any woman for quick pleasure, ruin soil, befoul sacred places and worship a dull, unimaginative god." (A Mery)
  5. "It was there destiny to chew up the world and spit out a horribleness that would destroy all primary peoples." (A Mercy)
  6. "What are these people? You tell me, Jesus. What are they?" (Beloved)
  7. "The skin was one thing, but human blood cooked up in a lynch fire was a whole other thing. The stench stank. Stank up off the pages of the North Star, out of the mouths of witnesses, etched in crooked handwriting in letters delivered by hand." (Beloved)