1. 'The Color Purple'
    Although I think Spielberg did an excellent job - the physical intimacy of Shug & Celie is downplayed, as well as Sofia's resolve.
  2. 'For Colored Girls'
    Perry chops and slops Shange's bohemian and feminist text. It's no longer all about free love and Black female empowerment - just trauma.
  3. 'Beloved'
    This film doesn't resemble the novel at all...the nuance and memory of slavery is simply not captured. And the absurdity of Beloved's character is flabbergasting.
  4. 'Fried Green Tomatoes'
    While the film adaptation was widely acclaimed the relationship of Idgie and Ruth was watered down to just friendship while the book clearly states they were lovers and lesbians. It was disappointing that the director felt he had cut out that integral part of the book and characters as themes of discrimination in an integral part of the film.
    Suggested by @eatthelove