Inspo @nikole
  1. First Kiss
    17. 🙂. On the sidewalk outside of his house. It was a really good kiss.
  2. First time I felt weird about gender performance
    I was elementary school age and I liked sneakers and baggy pants. I was on my cousin's block and a little girl asked, "is that a boy or a girl?" I was so freaked out.
  3. First Time I Had Sex
    Same guy I had my first kiss with. It sucked but there was no way for me to know. I thought we were consummating our love. We danced bachata naked after - well I tried to teach him.
  4. First Job
    Chicago Park Districts. I lost a 6 yr old at the Museum of Science & Industry. We found her. 😩
  5. First Death I Remember
    My great grandfather died and my cousins were so sad about who was gonna fry the chicken every Sunday. I had nightmares about him for months.
  6. First Favorite Album
    I think 'Destiny Fulfilled' was the first CD I truly played til it got scratched up. I would listen to it all night.
  7. First Heart Break
    I had a 6 yr crush on this boy named Socrates. I think it ended in 6th grade...We would talk on the phone when my mom went dancing. One day I found out my "bestfriend" had been silently on three way most of our conversations.
  8. First Thing I Wrote
    I was in 5th grade. I wrote a book. Got the cover laminated and everything - did the title page with stencils. It was about a girl in the city, I think. Shit was good.
  9. First Favorite Film
    I watched 'It Takes Two' everyday of my childhood. Every single day.
  10. First Time I Was Consciously Distrustful of Police
    On my 8th grade trip - they tried to arrest me and my classmates for jay walking.
  11. First Time I Had Feelings for Someone of the Same Sex Lol.
  12. First Favorite Books
    Harry Potter was def my first literary obsession. I would go in the bathroom to read them. My mom knew I wasn't shitting for four hours.
  13. First Cell Phone
    It was Cingular's smallest phone in the world. I thought I was so cool, lmao.
  14. First Time I Thought I Was Gonna Die
    Slipped on the ascent up a waterfall at Pedro Sanchez in the DR. 😩Homie saved me though.