Inspired by @dubstep
  1. We're not close
  2. I have no idea where you are right now and my dad nor your mother seem to care much
  3. I don't really know how this happened
  4. I know part of you hates me
  5. When my dad began to abuse your mom, I'd just call my mom and she'd come get me
  6. ...I left you. Every time
  7. And when you were in the mental hospital I didn't even come see you
  8. I'm sorry
  9. I wish I could've brought you around my mother's family more...
  10. You don't deserve the hand you were dealt
  11. And I've been a terrible older sister
  12. Hating dad wasn't an excuse to leave you in the dust
  13. I hope it's not too late for us
  14. I love you, Myles