This list like my headspace right now - is unorganized and incomprehensible
  1. I'm exhausted...
    I've had ample time to complete my final projects I just haven't been able to motivate myself.
  2. People expect me to know what I'm doing for the rest of my life.
    I think I kind of do.
  3. I feel grossly unprepared.
    I'm graduating with Honors and I love my major. So...
  4. I feel prematurely disappointed.
    Future mistakes...
  5. Why do I feel like I'll never see my friends again after graduation?'s super irrational.
  6. I feel as if I regressed emotionally.
    My romantic interactions seem to grow more dysfunctional with the years...
  7. I also feel overconfident.
    I KNOW that I will make films - that I will tell stories. I KNOW this.
  8. How have I become more attached to my mother the last four years away from her?
  9. Everyone is dying.
    Too many people I know died this year. Too many people I love died this year. And now I'm thinking about my life in terms of quarters...1 down.
  10. I'm don't feel logical.
    I'm happy but I'm really sad too. Still holding onto the fantasy of never working a job. I'm stir crazy and love starved and overstimulated by the media.
  11. I'm finding solace in immaturity.
    Kind of? Idk. Being irresponsible doesn't work as well as it did when I was 13.
  12. It also feels as if I've been asleep in a chamber the last four years and now I'm preparing to enter the real world again.