And I'll always wanna be her 💗
  1. Her beauty, grace and confidence
    There aren't really words
  2. Her kindness
    Just the other day she got on her knees and massaged the knee of an older woman at the beauty shop who couldn't move.
  3. Her funniness
    She's the funniest person I know. And there's no one I laugh harder with.
  4. Her honesty
    She always says what has to be said - even if it'll make her the villain.
  5. But it's weird when you revere someone and they don't feel that they themselves are great
  6. She's unhappy most of the time
  7. Often she feels inadequate
    That she hasn't done enough - made enough money, acquired enough expensive things...
  8. She's fearful of things and it makes her small
    She worries about death and illness and random violent acts so much i worry it will kill her. I have to check in with her excessively about my whereabouts.
  9. Despite these things she's still the best person I know
  10. It doesn't matter what I accomplish, I'll always want to be her
    I hope she knows that my love for her is unconditional. It has to be. Everything she's done the last 21 years has been for me. Hope she does more for herself soon. She deserves it.