1. It's super calm in here.
  2. There's a group of DePaul college students sitting across the diner from me.
    Their conversation sounds boring, but they all seem intrigued by each other.
  3. There's a couple, 2 women, sitting adjacent to me. They're sitting side by side, touching each other.
    I was kind of staring - one woman looked back and smiled at me.
  4. The coffee's good.
  5. The skillet's good.
  6. It's super calm in here.
  7. But in my mind, there's complete chaos.
  8. This is my first list in a week and it's so mundane...
  9. 'Cause in my mind it's just chaos.
  10. Ideas for screenplays and teleplays and art installations and futures...
  11. Dreams of making the films I've written.
  12. The desire to be with this person I can't stop thinking about...
    Or just tell her how I feel...
  13. But yea, it's super calm in here.