And it's their own fault.
  1. I was watching History Channel's adaptation of Roots the other day with great anger. It's so clear how slavery's legacy still impacts Black people today.
  2. I didn't realize that the same goes for white people. They spent those centuries trapped in a cage of their own making.
  3. White people's hatred of Black people is sick - and yea all of y'all "I'm not racist - but" white ppl are racist. You are.
    Subconsciously most of y'all gotta be. After this country's past how could you not be???
  4. Donald Trump is the republican frontrunner.
  5. Kalief Browder got hella years at Rikers for a suspicious backpack but the Stanford Rapist won't be serving any real jail time because it could have a severe impact.
    They wouldn't even use his mugshot.
  6. Y'all watch Fox News.
  7. Y'all call Obama racist.
  8. Y'all say all kinds of stupid shit.
    Like - police aren't doing anything wrong when they kill unarmed Black ppl, Muslim immigrants shouldn't be allowed in the country, Black on Black crime is the issue...
  9. And that's the reason why I'm scared.
  10. Your racism makes you illogical. And that's why Black people are still not free.
  11. 'Cause logic would've told y'all this shit isn't productive centuries ago.