1. which side of the bed you sleep on
  2. whether you sob or cry quietly
  3. if you have any tattoos
  4. if you prefer red sauce or white sauce on your pasta
  5. words that make you cringe, like "moist" or something
  6. if there are games on your iPhone
  7. what you fear most
  8. if you prefer bras that clasp in the front or the back
  9. your favorite play
  10. if you're Beyhive
  11. how you take your tea
  12. your first favorite CD
  13. if you chew ice cream or let it melt in your mouth
  14. where you like to be kissed
  15. If you eat food off of other people's plates
  16. if you need validation or tough love when things get hard
  17. How to get you out of my head...