Because it's #DRAFTMAS shout out to @aprilkquioh 😼
  1. No legacy, no trust fund, no property, no small loans
    I'm baffled by my young white peers who are leaving college with small fortunes to start their lives with. There is no such thing in the black community so instead we get...
  2. Recipes
    We're still eating a lot of the scraps we were giving during slavery and that shit is very unhealthy and fattening but hella good.
  3. Stories/History
    My grandma has so many stories about how her father snuck out of Marigold, Mississippi and worked to bring her and her 10 siblings to Chicago.
  4. Language
    Ebonics, slang, tone, all of that. If you're black, you know. It's just different.
  5. Legacy of struggle
    My mom has always told me I could do anything I wanted if I tried, however, she warned me that I would have to work a lot harder to get ahead.
  6. Cynicism
    Along with the working hard thing, my mother also instilled a healthy sense of suspicion in me about people and their motives. She taught me to take opportunities, not hand outs. And also, nothing is free in this life.
  7. Creation of culture
    Not only do we have so much music, art, traditions, etc. to pass down but we seem to have this innate ability to constantly create culture. From Charlie Parker to the teenage kids on Vine, we're brilliant.
  8. Necessary grit to navigate the world
    I think we're all stronger than we should have to be. I let a lot of racism and discrimination roll right off my back 'cause it's the only way I can live.