The best of human interaction.
  1. The friendly set Blood.
    He really an ex gang banger. Lol
  2. I got to set and was overwhelmed by the whiteness - but a Black guy with a ponytail offered a familiar smile and energy.
  3. He told me to go to Slauson, find the Black people.
  4. When one of the white transportation guys stuck his hands in my hair he came to check on me and told me to react the way I wanted to 'cause he would have my back.
  5. We argued about rap. He said none of the new people were really gangstas.
    He said Young Thug was gay 🙄
  6. I started calling him "Oldhead" and he started calling me "youngin".
  7. During a particular trying day on set, Jimmy and I got into an argument.
  8. He claimed that the leading cause of Black Death in the U.S. was abortion.
    I disagreed. Said that was bullshit. Also told him to watch the Trapped doc.
  9. I told him I can't worry about fetuses when Black men are killing Black women at alarming rates.
  10. He was flabbergasted. Said he didn't no any Black men who did that.
    He said in his hood men kill men for hurting women.
  11. I told him about my experiences with harassment. The statistics...
  12. The next day he hugged me tight and said, "I love you. You my sister. You opened my eyes to some shit."
  13. And in that moment I regained a little hope in Black men.
  14. Maybe we can get free after all.