1. Nicole Kidman, 'Eyes Wide Shut'
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    I'm equally dramatic.
  2. Aaliyah, 'Romeo Must Die'
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    Not for these fuck ass dudes. I don't listen to my daddy, neither.
  3. Charlize Theron, 'The Astronaut's Wife'
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    I would literally wear every outfit she wore in this film in 2016. Also, lonely. My man is in space too, my mind more specifically. He don't exist.
  4. Trinity, 'The Matrix'
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    I love leather. And believing that we live in the matrix and none of this is real.
  5. Nia Long, 'Love Jones'
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    We're both fly. I like taking photos too. I'm also DTF on the first night and Ima still act like I'm above that.
  6. Sanaa Lathan, 'Love & Basketball'
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    What can I say? Ima ball is life bitch.
  7. Vivica Fox, 'Set It Off'
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    The plan is to get on. I'd never leave my niggas behind, though.
  8. Petra, 'When Night Is Falling'
    I'm an artist. Also tryna seduce these hoes in 2016.
  9. Natalie Portman, 'The Professional'
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    Young, ready to learn the ropes.