1. I'm young,
  2. I recently graduated college...
  3. And I don't have a job.
  4. I don't want one.
  5. I just want a break, an extended one.
    And I can afford that luxury.
  6. I'm working on creative projects. I accrued no loans so I am not indebted to the government.
  7. I'm good.
  8. But unlike my white peers, people cannot seem to accept that I'm not working and don't have a consistent income.
  9. Family and friends are worried - constantly asking me my plans.
  10. "What are you doing?"
  11. "Did you get a job?"
  12. "Are you looking, I know -"
  13. Please, please get the fuck out my face.
  14. I'm taking a break - a well deserved and feasible break.
  15. I'm not lazy. I'm not less valuable. I'm not behind.
  16. I'm just chilling.
  17. And y'all will deal.