Little shit some might find hard to deal with...
  1. My sideburns and the hair on the nape of my neck connect right under my ears
    It's some Chewbacca shit really
  2. My skin tone is kind of ombré
    My legs and arms are much darker than my face and neck
  3. I find it easier to express myself with noises rather than words
  4. I choose to be a Future fan
    Despite his terrible parenting and pettiness with Ciara
  5. I eat hot wings like a barbarian
    I also alike slim jims and pickles and Takis and flammin hots with cheese, etc.
  6. I'm an Ashanti fan
  7. I spend a lot of time on the toilet
    It's definitely a safe space for me. I can read. I can meditate. I can hide.
  8. I blaspheme constantly
    I never intentionally downplay anyone's faith, though.
  9. I cannot find it in me to not love Clint Eastwood
    AND I KNOW HIS ASS IS RACIST... I.e. that chair shit at the Repub convention a couple of years ago
  10. I follow dog lover pages on Instagram
    I'll never chill.
  11. Young Thug is my favorite rapper...ever
  12. I chew my cuticles
  13. When I laugh I lose all control of my body and throw myself around
  14. Fwm