1. Wen u happy u graduating but can't stop thinkin abt the racism & discrimination awaiting u in the workforce
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  2. Wen he say he dnt eat ass & u waiting for him to laugh and say jk
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  3. Wen u realize that for once in ya life u played a nigga before he could play u
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  4. Wen u remember u finagled the university so hard u dnt have any loans
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  5. Wen ya mom say she proud of u but she dnt kno who u becomin
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  6. Wen shorty rollin her eyes at u in public and u tryna figure out why she ain't have beef wherever the beef officially started
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  7. Wen u gearin up to ether the white ppl in ya screenwriting class writing gay black men caricatures
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  8. Wen ya crush see u bein cute in ya snapstory 10 minutes before it expires
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  9. Wen white ppl tlkn bout the intergenerational wealth they bout to inherit and u realize ya black ass ain't got none
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