1. An older Black man with a white beard approached me jovially
  2. He said Hi. So I said Hi. I asked, "how are you?"
  3. He leaned over me and asked, "Do you really wanna know?"
  4. I was a bit creeped out so I replied, "I was being polite, but sure."
  5. His eyes widened and he giggled, "So a condescending lie."
  6. I was taken aback. I said, "what?"
  7. He said, "You just asked and you really didn't want to know, so it was a condescending lie. And then you switched it up in the middle of the sentence."
  8. I was uncomfortable by this point. But he still seemed oddly pleasant.
  9. He smiled and then put up 2 thumbs. "Wooooo that's how I'm doing."
  10. He continued, "Not many people can do that - switch mid sentence and get the real story."
  11. I was totally uncertain of his motive. "Switch? What do you mean?"
  12. He laughed heartily, "You switched and you got me to tell my story."
  13. He then inquired about my major. I told him I was a director and screenwriter. He said it made perfect sense then that I would be someone who could make people tell their stories.
  14. He kept laughing.
  15. I had no idea why he was laughing but I knew he wasn't malicious by that point.
  16. "'Cause it's all about stories, right? Thanks for indulging me."
  17. I shook his hand and smiled.
  18. I need to indulge more random people. 'Cause it is all about stories.