1. Money Train
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    I saw this film when I was around 12 and I remember replaying the sex scene between Jennifer Lopez and Wesley Snipes over and over again. 😕
  2. What a Girl Wants
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    Colin Firth was a hot foreign dad and I was so into it and still kind of am tbh and don't even care if it's wrong. Plus this is the movie where he wore those leather pants and it's not even his best look but it's so unexpected oh my god
    Suggested by @MayaML
  3. Atonement
    That library scene was SO MUCH. I still think about it, even though I haven't seen the movie since (I have rewatched that scene though). It was definitely the first time I was sexually attracted to a woman (even if it took me another three years to fully realize that/figure out I'm bi).)
    Suggested by @nelle
  4. The Lion King
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    I rewatched this movie over and over throughout my childhood. Ok second grade my friend told me about sex on the bus and when I watched The Lion King again, I remember thinking, "Oh wow this is sex." Just look at those bedroom eyes Nala puts on here! 🦁💚
    Suggested by @e
  5. The Notebook
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    Okay this is cliche but I remember watching this at sleepovers and wanting to be like "guys does your vagina feel great rn because mine is having a great time at the moment." That love scene is ICONIC. When she bites his shoulder??? Ugh. And the DVD has an extended cut of it in the special features and holy shit it is so hot
    Suggested by @k8mcgarry
  6. She's the Man
    I knew NOTHING until I saw baby Channing Tatum with his shirt off. Wow.
    Suggested by @ilana
  7. The Labyrinth
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    Because, bulge.
    Suggested by @waaaycho