Starting a 'My Bests of 2015' series.
  1. Walking Dead | 'Thank You' (Ep 3)
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    Nothing ever goes right during the zombie apocalypse, I never thought it could go this wrong, though.
  2. American Crime | (Ep 11)
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    Every minute of this show is emotionally taxing, but watching the case and everybody's family issues come to a head feels personal. Ridley's a genius.
  3. Banana | (Ep 1.6)
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    This episode is so perfect I want to put it in a little capsule and keep it in my memory forever. The jitters and anxieties of dating are captured and packaged so sweetly.
  4. Narcos | 'La Gran Mentira' (Ep 9)
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    You know what, fuck one episode. The whole season is amazing. I especially loved this episode because the stakes rose higher than I ever thought possible and the director continued to make unpredictable choices. Unpredictable, yet the show parallels history/facts pretty closely. Mind blown.
  5. Bring It | Battle Royale (Ep 15)
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    I watch a lot of good television but this little reality show about a group of dancers in Jackson, Mississippi is more entertaining than all of them. Especially when they're battling rivals.
  6. Walking Dead | 'Start To Finish' (Ep 8)
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    On my toes. The entire time.
  7. Hand of God | 'A Flower That Bees Prefer' (Ep 9)
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    The show is riveting from episode 1, but I've never seen hallucination and wavering religious faith ever look this spooky in a show outside of the supernatural/horror genre.
  8. Show Me A Hero | (Ep 1.5)
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    Most realistic portrayal of systemic housing segregation I've ever seen on screen. And there's nothing more heartbreaking than the scene in the townhall in which they hold a raffle to select low income residents who will be integrated into better housing. Excellent acting.
  9. BoJack Horseman | 'The Shot' (Ep 9)
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    The main character of the show is a talking horse, but the show paints a startlingly human portrait of him. It was nice to see Princess Caroline on that level as well.
  10. Orange Is The New Black | 'Trust No Bitch' (Ep 13)
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    I was expecting all of the bullshit to culminate in the finale, however, I wasn't expecting the beautiful and transcendent moment all of the women have in the water. Audiences needed that.
  11. The Affair | (Ep 203)
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    IMO, this show has the best writing on television. Period. This episode masterfully reveals what Noah has done and shows everything that's wrong in the relationship through simple scenarios.
  12. Game Of Thrones | 'The Dance Of Dragons' (Ep 9)
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    Ummm the fighting pit scene, though. Wow. Fuck me up.
  13. Survivor's Remorse | 'A Time To Punch' (Ep 2)
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    One of the smartest comedies on TV. They take old situations and subvert them in unimaginable ways.
  14. Rectify | 'Girl Jesus' (Ep 4)
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    Tawney and Teddy's dynamic is one of the most interesting on the show. And they really take each other there in this episode.