I left the weirdest things out...
  1. Listening to 'Resentment Live in Las Vegas' by Beyoncé at least once a day
    I am not bitter. At all.
  2. Checking my Twitter every couple of seconds
  3. Staring aimlessly at photos of one person I've saved from Facebook
  4. Making weird faces and throwing my body around my room for about 3 minutes
  5. Arguing with my mother via text
    Yesterday it was her wanting my iCloud password in case I go missing...girl
  6. Discussing poop/pee patterns with @girldevin and @MegDen in our group message
  7. Making snapchat videos of myself singing songs, watching them, and then not posting them
  8. Thinking about how I will die/when I will die
  9. Sitting in the dark thinking about potential relationship issues/obstacles I would have with the person I stare at photos of