...And it was super weird. Ask @amilli
  1. My uber driver was super OC
    Her name is Janet and she's a mess. She was talking about beating her kids, being sober for 17 years and not being able to give up fornicating.
  2. The festival was in a dilapidated theater in Oakland
    Like the doors were literally boarded up and we thought we were in the wrong place until a side door opened
  3. The projectionist was a guy named Grim
  4. The film proceeding my film was so strange
    It was one actress playing 6 people on some Eddie Murphy shit. And it just kept going on forever. And by the end her husband had a word for each letter in the alphabet to describe their sex life? 🤔
  5. The seating was a mix of leather love seats, foldable chairs and old sofas
  6. My grandma fell asleep during the final film screening
    She was snoring loud as fuck, though.
  7. But @jasmin 's mom was there
    And her energy was amazing and she made the whole thing less weird
  8. Recognition is recognition, though.
    @amilli and I are just getting started. 😈✨😼