1. My characters are mentally fucked up
    My characters are so fucked up that when friends/family tell me about issues they're having I'm never shocked and my mind immediately travels to how great a story their fuck up could be
  2. I put my characters in violent situations
    There's violence - emotional, sexual, physical - and I feel like because I'm so frequently creating these scenarios I would not react appropriately if I found myself in similar situations...
  3. I need isolation
    Most of my best work happens when I stay in my room for days at a time and have no direct contact with anyone.
  4. Real life never seems outlandish enough
    Sometimes some shit happens in life that's too good to make up, but most of the time it feels like I'm waiting for crazy, impossible things to happen to me.
  5. I forget my value isn't my work
    Sometimes I dismiss the person I actually am and think of myself in terms of the writing I've produced. The shit I write makes me feel guilty and sad and accomplished and excited but I forget about ME, and the love I give, and the people who reciprocate that love.