Inspired by @Lisa_Fav 's list.
  1. My Doña
    I only lived with her for 17 days, but I felt like I knew her all my life. She taught me so much about love. We would sit in front of her store and she would tell me about her years as an educator and a mother.
  2. My great grandmother
    We sat silently. We watched General Hospital and All My Children. We had silly conversations. We rode scooters in Walmart.
  3. Nick Davis
    He taught a film/gender studies course I took. He introduced me to Laura Mulvey's work and I've been obsessed with the female gaze ever since. I decided to major in film after the class. He also bought me an ARRAY membership.
  4. My 2nd Grade teacher
    Ms. Mosley. She was super Afro-centric. She said "again" weird. I found her very enchanting. She helped me love blackness.
  5. Jose Bernando
    A Dominican man of Haitian descent I met in the DR. He was literally born on a sugar cane plantation. But he's working on getting a visa and an education.
  6. Elizabeth
    A 12 year old girl I met in a sugarcane plantation in the DR. We played soccer. We became friends. I want to be better because I know she'll never ever have the opportunities I have.
  7. Ava Duvernay
    Her energy. Her presence. I know that I can be who I wanna be because of her.
  8. James Baldwin
    I'd never seen/heard/read about someone being okay with being black and queer.
  9. Toni Morrison
    In her books I find answers. The most recent answer I found: freedom is an option.
  10. Peter from Barbados
    He worked in the kitchen of the hotel we stayed at. He took us out for karaoke and I've never seen someone have so much fun. Life should be fun.