1. Fake Busyness
    College students run around like chickens with their heads cut off, joining club after club, filling position after position and acting like they're doing shit - even when they're not.
  2. Letter Grades Gauge Intelligence
    Students pull all nighters and inhale pointless information at dangerous capacities all for numbers. No one cares about learning for the sake of learning. There's no award for that.
  3. The loans you accrue are totally worth it
    College costs a fucking lot. You're stressed trying to get loans, then you're stressed trying to pay them off. It's even more fucked up when you can't get a job to pay 'em off.
  4. Only educated people are your peers
    In college, there is only college. People who just work jobs or have dropped out don't exist, or are spoken about in hushed tones. Wtf.
  5. You're doing something more noble than the people you left behind
    And on top of that, the fact that you left family, that you're neglecting stuff you left back home is to be worn like a badge. You're better. We'll all sacrifice for you.
  6. Mental Health isn't that big of a deal
    My friends and I have all had our bouts with depression - but one of my friends is going through it right now. Campus mental health facilities are abysmal and she can't find a counselor to connect with.
  7. We don't need to talk about suicide
    And on the same note - there have been about 3 suicides at my university. The university sweeps them under the rug, send vague emails and vigils that do nothing to save the next person...
  8. Joy/Sleep/Leisure should be 2nd
    Come to class even when you can't get out of bed. Stay up late even though your lack of sleep is exacerbating your depression. Don't go on that roadtrip or to that concert because you don't have time. It's not important.
  9. This is the only way
    There is nothing else. No other way. Even though studies show a college degree is worth less and less this is what you must do. And if you don't finish you're a failure.