No really, I'm not bitter 😒
  1. We started watching Twin Peaks together and now I can't enjoy it
  2. All he ever bought me was a potbelly's sandwich
  3. He once waited until 11:55pm on the day of my birthday to call me and thought that shit was funny
  4. He frequently called me "white girl"
  5. The nigga asked me to get a wax
  6. If I couldn't pick him up from the train he didn't want to come over
  7. Only posted me on his Instagram once (I sound like a thot)
  8. He asked me if I would straighten my hair if he asked me (boy what?)
  9. I once attempted to detangle his hair and fucked my nails and cuticles up
  10. Not doing shit with me on Valentine's day but sending me kissy emojis on Twitter
  11. We always ended up somewhere with ALL OF HIS FUCKING DUMBASS FRIENDS
  12. Referencing how big my mom's ass is 😐
  13. Constantly sending me links to expensive/cute clothes, shoes saying they would look good on me but never putting money up
  14. Telling me I look like Gina from 'Martin'
  15. Constantly calling me an asshole (I mean I am, but damn...)
  16. First time I stayed over his house he let me take a cab home at 2am and didn't pay for it
  17. I wrote him a super long, super sad love letter and he didn't hit me up again until 3 months later (this is supposed to be funny)