1. AHS: Hotel
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    I'm only here for Angela Bassett. The shit was absolutely unbearable until she busted on the scene in a bad ass fur and Afro giving me blaxploitation babe.
  2. Scandal
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    I've been over this shit since Season 2. Fuck. Just here to support Kerry Washington.
  3. Private Practice
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    I found Addsion pretty annoying from jump, but Naomi always seemed more interesting - from her troubled relationship with her teenager to her affair with the guy in the wheelchair.
  4. Master of None
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    I don't really find Aziz that funny and I've heard he only dates white women on the show - but I'm starting it because I've heard amazing things about Denise.
  5. Sleepy Hollow
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    This shit is a post-apocalyptic, ahistorical ball of shit as of now - but Nicole Beharie. Hoping her and Lance Gross' character will relieve their sexual frustrations with each other before its cancelled. 😒
  6. True Blood
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    The show had lost all of its southern charm for me by the penultimate season, however, I stayed with it after Tara returned as a blood sucking lesbian.
  7. Boss
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    Clearly no one watched this but me. I like Kelsey Grammar but the show was super dull until Sanaa Lathan stepped on the scene. She's really convincing as a badass politician.
  8. Hand of God
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    This show is fucking phenomenal - however I would've never started it if not for Emayatzy Corinealdi. You've never seen an escort like this in television.