Songs That Are Guiding My Life Right Now

  1. If You Don't Like the Effects, Don't Produce the Cause | funkadelic
    I have all the power.
  2. Sorry | Beyoncé
    I'm done apologizing for shit that's not hurting anyone. I'm just doing me.
  3. No Problems | Chance the Rapper
    I'm a threat. The industry and ppl in power need to be afraid of me.
  4. Yeah, I Said it | Rihanna
    All about saying exactly what I mean these days. All about asking for what I need...
  5. Free | Destiny's Child
    I'm single. I'm not emotionally invested in anyone. Feels good to be free.
  6. Simple Things | Miguel
    I'm single - but I'm also super open to enjoying the simple things with someone.
  7. Awkward Groove | Domo Genesis
    Just relishing in the fact that I'm young and in a weird place and I literally have the rest of life ahead of me.