Inspired by @alys 's list.
  1. Her Way | Partynextdoor
    The first night I spent in El Seibo during my summer in the DR. I just stared out the window and listened to the cats humping and screeching outside.
  2. Where I Wanna Be | Donnell Jones
    I'm an only child, and for some reason this song reminds me of all the time I spent alone drawing, writing and talking to myself.
  3. Black Mags | The Cool Kids
    It was sophomore year of high school. I was heavy into street wear. I remember roaming Milwaukee Ave. in Wicker Park.
  4. Eres Mía | Romeo Santos
    That night I danced bachata for you in my dorm in the darkness and you told me I was so fucking beautiful, the night I knew you loved me.
  5. Advice For The Young At Heart | Tears for Fears
    My first year of high school my dad began to share his music collection with me. It was one of the few times I felt close to him. I remember sitting at the table as he offloaded the music onto my PSP.
  6. Moments In Love | Art Of Noise
    I'm super afraid to die. I always have been. This song reminds me of the nightmares I would have of being trapped in a casket.
  7. Tíenes La Culpa | Romeo Santos
    I danced bachata at a random outside bar near Dajabon. The man I danced with had a mental illness and bought drinks for 3 imaginary people at his empty table.
  8. Cater 2 U | Destiny's Child
    Around the time of my five year crush/ semi sexual awakening. I would lay in bed listening to the song on my CD player thinking thoughts that I thought were filthy. They weren't.
  9. Like The Way | Vic Mensa
    It was one of Vic's first solo performances at Reggies. He hadn't even graduated HS yet. I stood in the front row and rapped all the words. Still my favorite live performance I've seen.
  10. Me and Mrs. Jones | Billy Paul
    My mother is a stepper. When I was little I would watch her step through the living room thinking nothing else makes her as happy as this.