It's a comedy on Netflix. You should watch it right now.
  1. Trans people portray trans characters
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  2. Two Black trans women are the stars of the film
    I've never even seen 2 caricatures of Trans women star in a film, let alone two nuanced human beings.
  3. It's funny but never at the cost of trans identity
    The girls make jokes about themselves and their situations but it's always through their lens.
  4. The iPhone cinematography is A+
    So many amazing shots in the film!
  5. Shows intersection between sex work and the family
    The film intelligently shows how everyday people employ sex workers and form relationships with the workers through Razmik's character.
  6. Black trans friendship and love is the nucleus of the film
    And it's beautiful, fucking beautiful.
  7. Displays obstacles of trans sex workers without villainizing them
    From the run ins with cops to disgruntled clients.