This only stands if both parties understand the agreement and honor it
  1. Sex is super lit
  2. Clears your mind
    I thought about sex A LOT when I wasn't having it consistently.
  3. Patience
    I don't make silly decisions when an opportunity arises out of desperation.
  4. Stress relief on call
    Just send that "wyd" text likeee
  5. Distinguishing the romantic from sexual desire
    It wasn't clear to me in my first relationship, but these two things are completely fucking different and not always a package deal.
  6. Opportunity to experiment
    In the absence of emotional connection, one is free to try new things without preoccupation. And it's also easier for me to center my own pleasure.
  7. The only negative...
    It's different with no emotional connection. Not bad. Just different. Always feel like something is missing after.