It's an excellent film, though.
  1. Climbing on shit at the park
    Fall and break your neck if you want to with your bad ass!!!
  2. Bringing homemade, medieval ass weapons to school
    He literally could've killed his classmates.
  3. Screaming/crying in the car and his mother can barely keep her eyes open.
  4. Begging to read a strange, scary book before bed.
    Like no boy. You're already super scary.
  5. Scaring/being violent with his cousin
    That shit is never cute, never appropriate.
  6. Playing with fireworks in the basement
    ????? I'm so confused. Do other white children do this???
  7. Telling his mother "I hate you"
    I've never said this to my mother because it would be my last day breathing. Seriously, wtf.