1. It was the summer of 2014 and I was in the Dominican Republic
  2. And of course my group of white peers wanted to go hiking
    All I had was a flimsy pair of Nike Free Runs. These are the literal opposites of a hiking boot.
  3. We took 2 Guaguas (public busses) to Pedro Sanchez
    And met our 2 guides. Juan and the other guy whose name started with a P.
  4. As we hiked up this beautiful waterfall i became more and more nervous.
    Juan and the guy whose name started with a P were literally clearing out branches and leaves with their machetes.
  5. I asked, "Has no one been up here before?" .
    The guy whose name started with a P turned around and giggled.
  6. We climbed and climbed. And the path narrowed and narrowed.
  7. I stepped onto a deceiving patch of dry leaves and mango peels
  8. My life didn't flash before me, only the dark green and black hues of the mountain. I also thought about how fucked up it was going to be to die at 19...
    But suddenly i stopped falling.
  9. I wondered if my death had arrived so abruptly.
    But the guy whose name starts with a P was holding my wrist.
  10. He pulled me up like a warrior and stood me on a pile of leaves that actually had rock and soil under it.
  11. Of course my group wanted to continue.
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    And this was what we found after the ascent.