Inspired by @biz - I've also broken many more rules since...
  1. I was in elementary school, maybe 5th grade.
    I attended an after school program.
  2. Everyone knew everyone.
    The staff and students were like family because we all lived in the neighborhood.
  3. One day I found a $50 bill on the floor of the game room.
    I was a money hungry little creature back then and I thought I had hit the jackpot. I picked it up and stashed it in my uniform pocket.
  4. But of course, I had to tell a friend.
    I whispered to Amber about my discovery. And she was so excited she told Nikki. And she was so excited she told Daetron. And so on.
  5. As word of my treasure find spread, another word began to spread as well.
  6. The $50 bill belonged to Mrs. Green!
    THE MRS. GREEN. The woman who ran the entire program.
  7. Nikki ran to find me in the hallway.
    "Natalie, Natalie Ms. Green is looking for her money. Daetron said he gone tell."
  8. I ran to find Daetron.
    We negotiated. I gave him $10.
  9. However, after that negotiation everyone wanted $, including my friends.
  10. I left the park with $15.
    Not to mention an incredibly heavy sense of guilt and anxiety about Mrs. Green finding out I had betrayed her.
  11. Moral of the story, kids...
    Don't steal around other people, you'll have to split the money.