1. Most of the people in this industry are racist and have no idea that they are.
    It's incredible.
  2. Men think sexually harassing women in the workplace is totally fine.
  3. Actors are assholes.
    Not debatable.
  4. Actors work really hard.
  5. No one talks about anything else.
    TV Movies TV movies videos TV movies TV movies movies videos TV movies
  6. Time is everything.
    No paycheck can really compensate 18 hour days.
  7. Young white people are literally handed opportunities.
    Watched a PA who doesn't even wanna be a writer handed a writing assistant job as I stood next to her.
  8. This work is draining.
    Call time then wrap. Sleep. Repeat.
  9. Everyone has had different pathways to their careers.
    It's inspiring.
  10. You have to compromise.
    Writers run out of alternatives. Producers run out of resources. Productions run out of time.
  11. Directors are not the true authorities on set.
    Line Producers are the hand of God.
  12. Walkie Talkie ear pieces cause extreme wax buildup.
  13. There are very few Black people here.
    And the ones that are are constantly associated with their way in, their connection.
  14. Kindness makes you stand out.
  15. Content production here is not about quality. It's about politics - which they masquerade as economics.
  16. Hierarchy is everything.
    And productions suffer because of people having to please and answer to others.
  17. It is literally all about who you know.
  18. Nothing stops.
    On and on and on...