Requested by @biz
  1. The Woody Allen obsession
    Hollywood, white people - yea. Don't get it.
  2. Dogs tied tightly to trees outside of restaurants
    It's just strange.
  3. Swarms of white girls in line at Starbucks
  4. Mohawks on grown men
  5. Highschool students in recreational spaces
    Movie theaters, gyms, etc.
  6. People who are dying and not okay with it
    It's a fucked up thing to watch really.
  7. People I'm attracted to
  8. Military propaganda
  9. Ring worms
  10. Expensive bags
    Celines and shit. I just feel weird about it.
  11. Hypermasculine Black men on Twitter
  12. Wealth in general
  13. All white movie theater audiences
    I thought I was gonna be lynched while watching American Sniper
  14. Confederate flags
  15. Azealia Banks on the Internet
  16. SnapBack hats in 2016
  17. Baby's relationships with Cashmoney artists
  18. My iPhone ringtone
  19. Black ppl who don't think 'Martin' is funny