1. She is perfect.
  2. How many hours 'til I see her again?
  3. Her boobs.
  4. Literally, there's not one thing about her that I don't find irrefutably adorable and charming.
    Except the fact that she doesn't really like chicken.
  5. I still can't feel my clit from last night.
  6. Her boobs.
  7. How can I spend all 24 hours of all my days with her and still be productive and have contact with other people?
  8. Nev's annoying as fuck.
  9. Max is cool.
  10. Casual racism is not cute. At all. Wtf.
  11. Her texts are so cute.
  12. I wanna hear her giggle right now.
  13. She really don't like chicken, though.
  14. This grip can kiss my ass.
  15. Her boobs.
  16. Am I turned on right now?
  17. Can't really tell...
  18. Wow, people really still getting catfished in 2016.