1. Damn, I'm cute
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    Came a really long way. Ugly duckling syndrome is real.
  2. Where did the last 3 years go??
    Is the rest of my life gonna fly by like this?
  3. I don't have any regrets about this college shit at all
    Just maybes...
  4. Wouldn't have wanted to spend the last 3 years with anyone other than my squad
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    (Galilee, Kyla and Rajan not pictured 😭)
  5. My family really held me down, wow
    My mom brining me food and clothes, my gma making my fav foods when I came home, my cousin's listening to my issues via call/text...
  6. No but seriously, what am I doing after graduation???
  7. Gas prices are extremely low right now
    that shit is so crazy *beyonce voice*
  8. I'm scared but shit is good right now
    Good could be better but I'm graduating from Northwestern, I've got a big butt, I've got my health, I have a short film playing at a film festival next month and I like myself right now...