I'm no longer bitter. It's not good for me. And he is my father.
  1. Emotionally Absent
    My dad doesn't know much about me. I don't know much about him. And it's all his fault. He thought just seeing me and taking me to restaurants was/is parenting. It's not.
  2. Physically Absent
    I seen my father every other weekend growing up. Oh and Christmas Day. Those weekends weren't consistent and sometimes he'd be hours late or simply not show up.
  3. Monetarily Stingy
    Everything my mother has is mine or could potentially be mine. I sound like a brat but I know she'd spend her last to give me what my need. For some reason my dad has always thought the child support was too much and constantly questioned my "expenses".
  4. Chose His Wife/Ex-Wife Over Me
    She's physically harmed me multiple times and is just an evil bitch in general. He never cared how I felt about her in his house. And after a brutal divorce he invited her back into his house and didn't even warn me.
  5. I think about these things and realize society/the community would shun my mother had she done these things
    And what's even weirder is my father gets passes and credit. My grandmother constantly says well he's not the worst. Yea, and?
  6. Society is weird that way, especially with black fathers
    Just because I know your damn name, address and number doesn't make you some great father.
  7. So I'm over the past issues but I refuse to give him too much credit for anything...
    I'll save that for my mother.