Also, can we make a collective "Too Black For List App" list?
  1. Saved hella $
    I used to spend $45-60 every 2 weeks getting my hair straightened in the shop.
  2. Grew comfortable in myself
    I though straight, long hair was a way to project some feigned femininity. However, after rocking fros and puffs for a year I realized I didn't have to project shit. I'm a woman, and my femininity and masculinity are a part of that.
  3. Confidence
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    Ima come clean, I look good (when I actually put in some effort). Confidence is fleeting with me, but on a good hair day I feel like a star. And being called "Young Angela Davis" never gets old.
  4. Kindred connection with other naturals
    I see so much glorious natural hair everywhere and it's amazing to be a part of that. Blackness is so eclectic and so colorful and so vibrant and so poppin. There's nothing more beautiful.
  5. A silent "Fuck You" to respectability politics
    Nope, I'm not doing shit else to my hair. I hope you're mad.
  6. So many more styles
    Straight black hair is super dynamic. But I can literally do anything with my natural curls. From buns, to coil outs, to flat twists, to two strands, to braids, to puffs, etc.
  7. Freedom
    I can workout. I can go out in the rain and not completely freak out (I still trip tbh). I can wake up, moisturize the hair and just go out.
  8. Also this made so much sense to me after my decision
    "...she probably would have strightened it again, eventually - it wasn't a permanent change or statement - except it clarified so much for her in the days when she was so confused about so much else." Toni Morrison, Paradise