1. I was born here
  2. All of my family is here
  3. It's so big, yet so small
    Everyone knows everyone.
  4. Chicagoans are just different
    We're busy, but we know how to chill. We're creative but we have drive. We're graceful, but rugged. We take pride in being Chicagoans.
  5. The Cold Winters
    I can layer. I can wear furs. I have to dig out my car when it snows.
  6. Summertime Chi
    There's nothing like it. We know how cold it gets, so when the sun shines we act a damn fool. The energy is crazy.
  7. CPS
    For all of its problems, it's the reason I am who I am. Lack of geography studies, poor funding, the eclectic pool of students I traveled an hour to attend highschool with, etc...
  8. The History
    Bronzeville, juke joints, Chicago blues, Wall of Respect, Chicago Fire, the huge population from Mississippi, and it was founded by a black man. It goes on and on...
  9. Our music
    I don't even know where to begin. Curtis Mayfield, Twista, Chaka Khan, Kanye, Muddy Waters and sooooo many more.
  10. The L
    I've seen a grown man pee and then fall in it on the train. I've seen a couple fall asleep in each other's arms on their morning commute. I've made such intense eye contact with someone as they exited, i thought I'd fallen in love with them.
  11. The Dances
    We have footworking, stepping, the juke slide, etc.
  12. The Expressways
    I've found so much solace, speeding down Lake Shore Dr. blasting music late at night. I get so excited when I see the "West Suburbs" sign on I294.
  13. The Chicago Bulls
    Jordan is still god here. And I'll never give up on Derrick Rose.
  14. The Blues Brothers
  15. The Segregation
    It's incredibly segregated. And this creates a lot of issues. However, it does create extremely unique neighborhoods that seem to exist in their own universes.