Who is @ltoiaivao really??
  1. @ltoiaivao was born the way she lives: for an audience. She emerged to a gallery of aspiring doctors in 1991 and has been screaming ever since.
  2. @ltoiaivao recently believed she'd found a soulmate in her Lyft driver bc he played Hamilton, Frank Ocean, and Mormon Tabernacle Choir in straight succession. She quickly discovered that the lightning cord she had plugged her phone into could also function as an aux and that she was actually in love with her own damn self.
  3. @ltoiaivao is a sharp-tongued harpy with a heart of coal. She can usually be found swiping left on short men and leering at handsome strangers. Her parents are worried about her.
  4. @ltoiaivao is the baby girl of her family AND yours. She likes waking up early, exercising, and getting things done, but she LOVES sleeping in and feeling like a lazy dirtbag, so she does that way more often. Her favorite shows are romantic British period pieces.
  5. @ltoiaivao suffers from a crippling addiction to screens and social media which will no doubt ultimately result in blindness and emotional dissociation. She does not have read receipts on.