Dating is the worst except when it's fun
  1. Jumped a fence to check out murals on the side of an old fire station, walked around the city identifying different types of trees, walked out on train tracks on a bridge over the river at night
  2. Went to a used books/movies/music store, bought Heavyweights, got tacos, went back and watched Heavyweights
  3. Went to a series of library book sales around the city, bought 30 or so books for 20 or so dollars
  4. Went to a free outdoor performance by Hannibal Burress, a screening of a movie feat. a q&a with Jemaine Clement, and a late show at UCB
  5. Got dressed up and went to a Victorian séance at the historical society for Halloween
  6. He showed me around his Uni library and we took turns pushing each other in an abandoned shopping trolley around the streets late at night.
    Suggested by @estherlimtf
  7. Shared a blanket on the roof of a car at an overlook above Boulder and watched a lightning storm in the distance. Her blanket, her car, her city, her idea. I did nothing except kiss back. Best date ever.
    Suggested by @elmiguel