Words of wisdom from a discussion with Roxane Gay at UCLA last night. (Also in attendance: woke bae Matt McGorry. Bc OBVIOUSLY.)
  1. On resistance to the label of feminism in middle America: "Feminism is like porn; keep it to yourself."
    (Or would be like porn except...not everyone does it.)
  2. On the idea that things are changing bc there are one or two diverse shows on television: "I don't think it's getting better...We cannot be satisfied with getting our foot in the door. We have to break down the door."
  3. On how to succeed as a writer: "If you want to know how to make it, move to the middle of nowhere, where all hope is lost and there's nothing to do but write."
  4. About Hilary: "She has to be exceptional AND perfect?...I like Hilary Clinton, and I'm not compromising anything by choosing to vote for her."
  5. About Trump: "He's trash. He's not even trash. He's something worse than trash because trash was once useful."
  6. On voting: "The most feminist thing you can do is show up."
  7. About why more WOC don't identify as feminists: "Sometimes you need to be invited to the table. We need more outreach in feminist circles. That kind of outreach requires boots on the ground."
  8. In reply to the question "What can we do?": "Stop asking for permission."
  9. On taking a picture with me: "Oh, okay."
    Jk she was incredibly gracious and kind.
  10. Embrace your bad feminist, everyone!