Requested by @serenity5x5 // fair warning: I have only read 1-4 with any depth. At a certain point, I started skimming just for Jamie/Claire storylines/scenes. **This list subject to change if I read the other books more closely.
  1. Voyager (book 3)
    I LIVE FOR THE ANGST IN THIS BOOK. Truly cannot wait for this season. Iron out some of the problematic kinks and deliver me the feels, pls.
  2. Outlander (book 1)
    Earns this place mainly bc this book is singularly about J/C and they're all I'm here for.
  3. A Breath of Snow and Ashes (book 6)
    Placing this book v high even tho something truly gruesome happens in it (trigger warning: it's another rape). Gabaldon almost certainly uses rape to pepper the stew too frequently, but at the same time, I do think she does more than other authors to give her characters dignity in the aftermath. Characters who are sexually assaulted cope with the effects of that trauma for the rest of their lives, and Gabaldon's series is so sprawling, she can show us.
  4. Written in My Own Heart's Blood (book 8)
    Haven't read much of this book, but there is an angsty plot line from the end of 7 that gets addressed early on, and it's just yumyumyumyumyum.
  5. An Echo in the Bone (book 7)
    Seeds of angsty plot line mentioned above are planted👆🏽
  6. Drums of Autumn (book 4)
    Same caveat as in book 6, but again, Gabaldon doesn't gloss over traumatic experiences. Ranks low-ish despite good angst and feels bc I don't care v much about Roger and Bri in the books, and this one is like 50% R&B.
  7. The Fiery Cross (book 5)
    Ranking this one further toward the bottom just bc imho it's the point at which the focus of the books shifts from mainly Jamie/Claire to other storylines. There is a good angsty bit near the end that I like tho.
  8. Dragonfly in Amber (book 2)
    Even though the farewell scene at the end here pierces me to my core, and I cry whenever I read (or watch) it, the majority of this book is frustrating to read. We, the readers, know from the start that they can't change the past, so it's irritating to spend a thousand pages watching them ram their heads against a wall for no reason. Especially when it's to save Frank, who blowssss. Idk why they're making him so palatable on the show bc he blows. I like Tobias Menzies, but Frank blows.