It was clear from a young age that I was tipped for success. These glimpses into my budding psyche prove it.
  1. People skills? ✔️
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  2. Sage wisdom beyond my years? ✔️
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  3. Been a cool party girl from the jump nbd
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  4. Creative wunderkind, a wellspring of ideas
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  5. Documenting the most important events of the day - a bright historian's mind
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  6. An ability to convey events with chilling, almost sociopathic detachment. Excesses of emotion cloud the mind.
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  7. A couple of lessons here: 1) don't act like you're too good for the suckers you haven't gotten yet. 2) Valentine's Day is not in January
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  8. Big-hearted but not foolish - make a generous promise but never be afraid to think better of it, come back and give yourself some wiggle room
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  9. Self-awareness is a terrible curse. Why, God, did you make me so damn GIFTED?
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  10. BONUS from my brother @themissing_linc 's kid journal.
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