This list is no longer topical, but luckily fashion never goes out of style.
  1. To the bougie coffee shop with the cute barista
  2. Around the house on a Sunday
  3. To CVS for toilet paper
  4. To sleep (weekdays)
  5. To sleep (weekends 😉)
  6. On a camping trip
    Built in blanket
  7. To Home Depot for paint swatches
  8. To play board games with friends
  9. To the bodega
  10. To get married (whimsical spur of the moment wedding)
  11. To look at apartments
    My true aesthetic
  12. To therapy
  13. To day drink
  14. To night drink
  15. To visit my grandma
  16. To brunch with friends
  17. To Ikea for some sconces
  18. To a friend's 4th of July BBQ
  19. To murder my husband
  20. To get married, take 2
  21. To the divorce proceedings
  22. To a friend's wedding
    My whole life is thunder
  23. To the airport
  24. To dogsit my friends' dumb pup
  25. To steal your man
  26. To CVS for a pregnancy test
  27. To the hospital to give birth
  28. To pick up my daughter from school
  29. To preside over PTA meetings as HBIC
  30. To bed again
  31. To the farmer's market
  32. To the dog park
  33. To hike Runyon
  34. To pick up my kids from school
  35. To my own funeral