1. Sam Heughan
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    His eyes are so damn BLUE. This man is the number one honey in my book. He deserved a nomination. He deserved a win. ✈️🍯 x infinity
  2. Zendaya
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    Zendaya always looks 🔥💯🔥 and this is no exception. She is a revelation. Bow down.
  3. Pedro Pascal and Oscar Isaac
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  4. Uzo Aduba
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    She is the coolest. Full stop.
  5. Caitriona Balfe
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    This looks sort of like a Victorian nightdress, but I love it and I LOVE her. She could pull off a potato sack.
  6. Rami Malek
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    This is a pretty standard tux, but Rami Malek is great so he makes the list. Fly honey.
  7. Lily James
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    This dress reminds me of the swan princess.
  8. Gina Rodriguez
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    Sophisticated and classic.
  9. Laverne Cox
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  10. Rooney Mara
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    I didn't love the braid, but I like the tatterdemalion chicness of this dress. Survey says: FLY.
  11. David Oyelowo
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    Unmatched unrivaled unparalleled ✈️🍯
  12. The Rock
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    The Rock! I forgot about The Rock. I love The Rock and I love his velvet suit jacket and I feel very affectionate toward The Rock bc The Rock is half-Samoan, as am I. In conclusion, The Rock invented fly.